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My fascination with lugers began at an early age. My uncle who returned from World War II brought home a MAUSER LUGER as a souvenir. I was fascinated from that time on.

That fascination has never left me. People who collect just about anything will know exactly what I am talking about.

In my latter years I have tried to incorporate this desire into learning just about all there is to know about the LUGER. I try to collect and to sell a quality LUGER that has been checked and verified to be authentic, a LUGER that a collector would be proud to own.

Today's market place is filled with all kinds of people who will try to pass on a FAKE or DOCTORED up piece. This is even more common place with the use of the INTERNET.

I have taken the guess work out of all of this because I stand behind what I sell with a Guarantee.

I also collect and sell what I consider really special LUGERS. Lugers that are not just ordinary but have eye catching appeal, historical value and are "can't miss" investments.-------all at reasonable prices.

Customer Testimonials:


"I recently purchased a luger from MISTER LUGER (Walt) and the transaction was flawless and went without a hitch. All my questions were cordially answered and the luger was in great condition. This was the first firearm I have ever purchased over the internet and I am very satisfied. Thanks again, Walt!"


Other Customer Testimonials:


"I recently had the opportunity to purchase a nice early 1906 DWM Commercial Luger from MISTER LUGER (Walt) and had a very pleasant experience. Not only was the price reasonable, but he was responsive to my inquiries about details and answered promptly and accurately. I would not hesitate to buy from him should the opportunity arise."


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